Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply for the third Kizomba Gala Hamburg 2016 and shall be taken from each participant note


All orders – whether by telephone, e-mail or online (Internet) are binding and can not be canceled or changed. When ordering via the Internet in the shopping area provides a registration form, which must be completed. By submitting the agreement to our terms and conditions will be issued. Then a confirmation e-mail the customer will receive by our team.
Buyer of group tickets simultaneous application of at least 8 people is required.


All orders are payable within 7 days from confirmation date exclusively by means of bank transfer to the bank account without deduction. Each ticket is only by full payment within the said term of payment valid.

Pick up tickets

All tickets for the “fifth  Kizomba Gala Hamburg 07 to 10 October 2016,” will only be issued directly upon check-in. The opening times be found on the Internet at subroutine. For loss of ticket (s) you are responsible as a buyer itself – in this case, we do not assume any liability for any lost tickets and no free replacement cards are provided. Claims for damages, which should result from lost tickets can not therefore be taken from us.
Tickets should not be misused, copied or modified. With the use of the tickets, the user accepts expressly the house rules of the venue of the “fifth Kizomba Gala Hamburg 2016”.

Event canceled

In default of the “fifth Kizomba Gala Hamburg 2016” can / can the card (s) up to two months after the scheduled date of the event in the same way as they were related to returniert.


A return of purchased tickets is possible up to 6 weeks before the festival date to 40% and up to 2 weeks before the festival date to 25% of the purchase price. At a later return the refund is no longer possible.


Cast or program changes (dance teacher, workshops, shows, etc.) are reserved. In the event of cancellation or postponement no expenses (eg travel hotel and ticket or processing fees) will be replaced.


The Client acknowledges that the data electronically announced by him are processed by us for the purpose of the contract. He also agrees that he would like to receive information material by e-mail from us in the future. The customer can withdraw consent for Infomaterial emails at any time.

Kizomba Gala Hamburg
19th – Februar,  2016

13. -16/10/ 17.